Half the wait

Almost 3 months into the investigation process. The investigation process that could take 3-6 months. Then there is about 3-4 weeks to the embassy appointment, then about 2 weeks to travel. That is still so much time, so much more crazy making waiting but the good news is that there is finally some movement!! Families getting their visas, their tickets, their babies, and coming home. It’s taking longer and seems more stressful than pre process changes at DGM but there are people going and then coming home. I am slowly starting to feel attached to this adoption again. Every time a parent talks about getting a visa appointment or posts a picture I think, that could be me soon. It could!!! Right?

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2 Responses to Half the wait

  1. amyclevenger says:

    YES! Hang in there! 🙂

  2. Amy says:

    Yes it could! I will pray for the time to come quickly for you and your daughter. I feel the same urgency! Look at how long you have been waiting..you are so close. 🙂

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