just a random thursday

Hi dear friends! I have been trying to write something for a long time but just ended up with about 17 unfinished blog posts that are all just sitting there staring at me whenever I log on. I haven’t posted because I am busy and because I am pretty ugly lately and because I don’t have much to say even though I have a ton to say. So here is…just some stuff I guess.

Lots of people are traveling lately. Both to visit and pick up kiddos! This means of course that I get pics and videos and details about Harper (the general consensus is that she is rad) a little more and that I have been able to unload some of my orphanage donation stash onto others : ) Which if you know me in real life and if you’ve been to the crib lately you have seen the beautiful nightmare unleashed on every surface of my house. Love it but worry about too much luggage and going broke taking it so love to send with others as well.

I am insanely jealous of those people picking up their babies and having babies right now!! In most cases (not all) I was here first and I want to be next, I want to get my baby next damn it!! It is an ugly feeling that sadly isn’t all that new to me. It’s come and gone over the past 4 years.

I love watching people go (even though I just confessed my jealousy) it is so amazing to be able to pray for safe travels and smooth transitions instead of process and speed. It’s fun keeping up with travel stories and pictures and watching these little beauties thrive once they are with their parents. It is remarkable and I love it.

I am wracking my brain for a fundraiser that will work well and that is original. No such luck. Travel time has recently gone from being about a week to being between 3-5 weeks. AHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Terror for a single self-employed woman, soon to be mother. I am sweating now just having written that. No work means no money and no money means, well you know what it means and it’s scary! Not only will travel expenses be more but the loss of income will be greater. I haven’t slept in the past few weeks because I worry about this all the time. I know, I know, it is still short in comparison to other countries and that’s nice but I didn’t pick those other countries. I picked a country with a travel timeline that I could handle well.

The in country process has become difficult for singles. I will have to prove that I am not gay when I go. Nice. Not  sure besides a few letters from others stating I am not how else to prove it. I am just going to bring my entire box of old x boyfriend collectables and their phone numbers.

My medical supplies from MedWish International are in route to my house and this makes me so excited. I cannot wait to get them and pack them up : ) Working with another exciting organization to get some other much-needed supplies and I’ll tell you more about that later.

I have gained a million pounds during this adoption.

I have gone back to cutting my own hair late at night in the bathroom after a cocktail instead of paying a professional. 3x in one week I forgot deodorant.

My bathroom remodel (my bathroom fell through my kitchen floor this past spring) is finally done.

So to sum up this maddness there is nothing new to report yet and I am still just plugging away at waiting, getting it done. Still doing adoptionally disturbed, like a BOSS.

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