At least it’s Friday

It’s early Friday morning, 12:02am actually and I cannot sleep. Just thinking about what’s next. There was that whole good news thing about embassy investigation movement but no visa appointment yet. I know, I know, it’s only been a couple of days but I was hopeful. Maybe the email will come tomorrow? I am still hopeful and praying for soon, like next week sometime. Come on appointment in October! The last couple of appointments I’ve heard about have been scheduled for the week of the 23rd so running out of time.

Because I have decided that I will for sure be traveling for a visit in late November or early December I would love to have her visa issued because I am thinking (wishfully) that leaving her behind may be just a teeny tiny bit easier then. Everything will be done except the whole bringing her home part.

I have heard from AP’s that visits are so hard on your heart. I have talked to moms who have woken up in nightsweats from dreams or memories that have evoked some serious terror. I have talked to moms who say every second of time spent is so precious. I need those precious moments with her even if the terror comes. It’s already been so long and I cannot wait to start having a real relationship with this beautiful girl instead of the one that lives only in my mind (although that one is magical).

This trip has given me a little something to look forward to and I love it. Not only will I get to meet and love my girl up I will also get to bring so many of the donations I have been collecting for a year and a half. Medical supplies for the amazing Dr. Laure and her clinic and for the orphanages I plan to visit. Formula, clothes, shoes, toys,, vitamins and food. Awesomeness! Another really great part of this trip will be more memories and pictures of H in Congo. I will have even more time to learn and experience her culture and help her to keep her memories alive in the future. See? This is exciting! 

And while I’m there I may or may not have plans to scope out some new digs, just in case.  


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