What’s going on?????

Since I blogged last so much has happened with DRC adoptions. Well kind of, but nothing has really happened. Most of the same people who were waiting then are waiting now.

The state department issued another alert in October, DGM would no longer allow single parents to leave the country with their adopted children.  Terrible news for the single kind obviously and so I didn’t plan my trip over Thanksgiving. I just didn’t know what was going to happen. They then said that those people with a Bordeaux Letter (spelling) signed, stamped, sealed, dated, prior to Sept 25 (the day the DGM shutdown began) would be allowed through and not have to wait out the suspension. They said any single parents would be let through and there would be a list released by the embassy with everyone’s name on it. It took a couple of days for me to find out I had a letter, YAY and a week to find out I was NOT on the list WHAT? I was then assured by the state department that it was fine and the list was incomplete. WHEW.

So I was relieved for about 3 seconds until I received pictures of H and saw all of her bones sticking out of her all too skinny body. I started getting messages from friends who’d seen the pics posted on orphanage sites and were worried, I got a message from Dr. Laure saying the situation was not good, I contacted my agency who said that the in country rep was concerned. With all the uncertainty and chaos surrounding adoption right now and especially my single parent adoption from DRC I couldn’t believe we now had her being so sick and so malnourished to worry about. I tried for a week with constant phone calls, emails, sending people in country to pick her up and bring her to foster care with no luck. No one would help me move her and so after a week I booked a flight for Thanksgiving. 10 days out.

I sent in my visa application Monday the 18th. The first business day after buying my ticket. Visa turnover is usually 3-4 days so on Thursday afternoon when no visa had been shipped out yet I started to call and email the Embassy. They called back Tuesday the 27 and I was told they were not issuing my visa because they needed to wait for word from DGM. They were not to allow adopting families to travel because DGM isn’t open and not issuing exit letters. I explained again how I was only visiting and my child didn’t even have a visa yet. By the end of our conversation he told me to email again and state everything I’d just said and he would overnight my visa. By Wed afternoon it was clear he didn’t. No visa, no visit, no lovig foster family for H.

Now DGM is not honoring their word for families with B Letters and so will they even honor what they’ve said about singles with B Letters? Who knows.

Since I saw those pictures I have started to bug the US Embassy about her health I have seen my case update date change 7x in the last 3 weeks. Of course I am excited to see movement but it means nothig, just more waiting.

I know last year I wrote what I was thankful for each day of November and about the kindness advent each day in December, I was so much more cheerful and motivated. So here it is, for the entire month of November I can sum up my gratitude like this, I am mad thankful for my family and friends. They’re so rad and I am truly blessed to have always had such an amazing group of people in my life. I feel surrounded and protected and though I sometimes feel alone in my adoption crazy I know I don’t have to be. I am doing the kindness advent again this year. I better get started : )

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