The new year, a better year?

Today I have seen blog and facebook posts from so many people with the good ole recap of 2013. Oh, I love reading them and catching up with the awesomeness that has been some people’s lives. The biggest things that happened to me…the best things this past year were..the top ten most awesome 2013… I have no such facebook or blog post. No.2013 in flashbacks or pictures. No signs or balloons to celebrate leaving misery behind and starting anew. I don’t really want to think about my year again, barely made it out with my sanity and my ability to still wear pants (I have been eating like crazy). I am pulling my hair out and dying it blue and the list goes on and on folks, no need to relive all that. I also am not going to compile my fb posts or blog posts into a neatly organized list, mostly because I didn’t write much of anything anyway. I just don’t have the ability to end any post with a cute clean summary of how my trials and tribulations have brought me closer to Jesus or closer to my inner spirit or made me smarter and wiser. I know that is how this blog thing is supposed to work : ) I myself enjoy a stellar wrap up that inspires or motivates or encourages. How terribly sad that life  isn’t always cute in the end, the messy middle sometimes never gets cleaned up, it doesn’t always make sense, sometimes crazy and unfair are just crazy and unfair. Sometime we already know the big lessons that life is trying to teach us or sometimes we refuse to learn them at all. And probably most heartbreaking, our prayers and our questions often go unanswered.

So as my farewell to 2013 and a reminder to myself that just because things don’t always wrap up nicely or finish happily ever after there can still be joy, there are always things to look forward to, I would like to share with you 13 things I am looking forward to in the coming year.

1. Getting Harper home

2. Moving

3. Traveling more (adoption is paid in full so life can sort of start to resume, I miss my people)

4. Spending more time with friends again

5.Getting a new foster/adopt HS for interstate foster care adoption

6. Learning to play the guitar

7. Harper

8. Maybe dating

9. Meeting Dr. Laure, finally!!! It has been so very long ad I feel like she is a part of my life so much already!

10. Meeting some of the wonderful new friends I’ve made through adoption at  conferences and reunions

11. Harper

12.Roller derby

13. Learning to cook Congolese food oh’ and one more thing, Harper

I guess I will leave you with one memory from 2013, I loved cat lovers, in 2013 people who love cats cracked me up. Seriously.


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