About thecalltocongo

The Democratic Republic of Congo

 Located in central Africa,

at 2,344,858 sq km  (905,355 sq miles)  DRC is the 3rd largest country in Africa. Located right on the equator Congo’s climate is hot and humid.

Natural Resources – Copper, gold, silver, industrial and gem diamonds, coal, hydropower, timber, cobalt, zinc, petroleum, niobium, tin, and uranium.

Though DRC is rich in beauty and natural resources,  the country is almost completely consumed by poverty, unspeakable violence, illness, malnutrition, and corruption.

DRC was originally a Belgium colony, taken over by and considered property of King Leopold II. He basically turned the country into a work camp, sent out soldiers to enforce and became rich off the suffering of others. From that point on, even after 1960 when the country declared its independence, violence and terror have been a way of life for the Congolese people.

Population around 75 million 1/2 of that population is under the age of 15, 80% of the Congolese people live on less than 50 cents a day, only 45% have access to safe drinking water, 37% have NO ACCESS to medical care, infant mortality is 10%, malaria is the #1 killer of children under 5, 34% of children are malnourished and the average life expectancy is 45 years old.

Whenever people ask Why Congo? I tell them that I feel like Congo picked me. Maybe it was a call from God, or coincidence, maybe the universe was up to something or my imagination was working overtime but however I got here I know I am supposed to be doing exactly this. Sometimes I feel like I was slammed into DRC at 200 mph and just left here surrounded by all these horrible images and this reality. I still can’t catch my breath or put myself back together the way I was before. I am changed.

When I started researching I just typed in international adoption programs and agencies and literally everything came up DRC and the orphan crisis there. I started to call people and agencies and EVERYONE was available to talk on the first try. No voicemail or phone tag just answers. I kept feeling myself fall more in love with the country and I was more heartbroken by the need everyday. My head wouldn’t shut off, I just kept hearing the words WAR, MALARIA, RAPE, MALNUTRITION, ORPHAN, 5 MILLION ORPHANS, CHILDREN DYING! Wow, those are some powerful words to get stuck in your head and intense emotions to get stuck on your heart!!! I knew it was my time to MOVE, I couldn’t wait for my savings account to get bigger or for my nervs to calm down. CHILDREN DYING!

So that’s that then, my calltocongo2012, maybe you’ve heard a little something yourself? However it’s happening in your life maybe now is your time to MOVE.


One Response to About thecalltocongo

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks for the email. I’m new to blogging and adoption but I couldn’t be happier. I see you are from MN. That makes me your neighbor..I’m from Wisconsin. I would love to keep in touch with you. I felt the same way about being called to the Congo. I looked at it in one of my searches and tried to put it out of my mind…but God had different plans…he let me explore the other countries I thought I would adopt from but in the end it was him that led me to the Congo. And I knew I couldn’t wait to come up with money in savings..so I’m stepping out in faith for sure.
    I’m just getting started on Home study and contracts..so a long way to go. I’m sure you are glad to have that part done. I look forward to hearing from you again. I would love to know people with children from the DRC. I think it would be great to help the kids stay connected to their culture too.


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