I am 33, I live in MN, I am 5.5, I am a disorganized nightmare,, I am early for almost everything, I am sarcastic, an insomniac, a hard worker, I am empathetic, I am going to be a single mom for now, I still REALLY LOVE mud, I have a Hector, I procrastinate, I love to volunteer, I am a business owner, I love roller skating, I love to kayak, I am ADOPTING a 5 year-old from DRC, I am a Christian, I am a sister, an aunt, a foster care provider, a karaoke lover, bacon lover, music lover, I don’t know a thing about blogs or computers or cell phones, or remote controls or video games or cameras or ipods, I have an insanely loud laugh, I have been ready to be a mama for a very long time, I have a large wonderful family, I have so many amazing friends, I am a child care provider, I love to bike, I am a respite provider, I love to travel,  I cannot have bio babies and I love diet coke!


2 Responses to Me

  1. Mich says:

    Love. This. LOVE!

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