Some blogs I read

 Blessings &Raindrops                                                            Congo Adoption

Jen Hatmaker                                                                          Life/Jesus/Adoption

When Life Gives You The Lemons                                    Congo Adoption                                  

Millions of Miles                                                                     Congo Adoption

No Stretch Marks Required                                                    Congo Adoption

Nothing Left to Paint                                                               Congo Adoption

Peterman Price Travels                                                          Travel

Preparing A Place                                                                     Congo Adoption

Pitter Patter Art                                                                        Ethiopian Adoption

Steadfastminds                                                                         Ethiopian Adoption


One Response to Some blogs I read

  1. jeremy620 says:

    I’ve got some friends who are just starting their Congo adoption journey. Thought you might be interested in checking out their story at

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